I have been shooting for many years and mostly just for fun…Sometimes the weather and conditions are less than ideal, but the result usually make up for it. I don’t charge for my work (time) as I choose what I WANT to shoot and all copyright remains with me. Many people will send me a request which I will review and decide whether I would like to shoot it or not. I am very selective because if I don’t enjoy what I do, it will show in the final result.

I love black and white images for some unknown reason. My goal is to capture a story with every candid image I take. It doesn’t matter if I spend time next to a race track, with musicians, the bushveld, with corporates, friends, family or just traveling, I create photo stories of what is happening at that very moment.

“Everyone” and “Everything” has a story to tell and you should tell it so that it can live on.

My mission is to tell a story with my images making the audience feel like they were right there with me. In a world where “Phonetographers” take snapshots daily, your memories might be getting lost.

I am a member of the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists and that would explain why I have so many “automotive stories” on my pages.

Doing things differently…yes, that I do…

Hit me up if you would like me to tell your story…who knows, I might just accept 😉